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In a world where more than 50 percent of humanity lives in urban landscapes, concrete is a common denominator in the daily lives of individuals across nationalities, colour and creed.  DENAMBRIDE’s art is a reflection on how these individuals survive – and even thrive – in environments that are increasingly delineated by concrete.

Fascinated by concrete walls - the faded, varied shades of grey and aging graffiti - because for him they portray a granular vision of the city. DENAMBRIDE loves the concept of a city’s walls as its skin. His passion for the medium itself fuels his creativity.

An increasing numbers of street artists have turned the cold, hard concrete walls of urban spaces into virtual canvasses for art. DENAMBRIDE takes this concept one step further, creating art on light concrete slabs that mimic street and alley walls and turning them into actual canvasses.

The process of creating these custom slabs imbues his art with a sculptural quality. DENAMBRIDE explains that he often spends as much time crafting the slabs as he does painting them. In this sense, it is not only the image he creates, but also the concrete canvas that helps convey his artistic vision.

DENAMBRIDE’s art reveals that there is more humanity than meets the eye in the concrete spaces we inhabit. His creations at once evoke the cracks, drips and stains of a slowly deteriorating urban landscape and the contrasting beauty and grace of the human form that inhabits it. 

The language these works speak is one of faceless urbanity and the human spirit, strength and fragility and growth and decay. All of which DENAMBRIDE sees in the people, streets and walls that surround him.



DENAMBRIDE, born in France in 1978, has been influenced by the skate, snow, surf and art culture emerging out of California and New York from a young age.

This influence and resulting passion pushed him to flee the family home in his early 20s to move to San Diego, California, where he was eager to live his American dream. A dream that has led him to travel the world for the last 15 years.

DENAMBRIDE works days in the action sports industry, but focuses on street art during his spare time. He quickly realized that he needed to express himself creatively if he was to be truly happy. So in 2012, he began his street-inspired art career. He has since participated in several group shows, in the United States and Asia.

During the past few years, the self-taught artist has never stopped exploring new techniques. He has worked with various materials, including wax, acrylic, spray paint, and plaster….and has now evolved his craft to the point where he can convey his ideas via painting on concrete. A medium that connects him with the street, a place where he finds most of his inspiration for his studio creations. The delicateness of his intervention draws its strength from the materials used, deliberately chosen from the street or as custom-made concrete slabs. Concrete serve as a canvas for his visual expression. Cracks, drips and stains marks on the concrete are incorporated into the work, like an echo of the real deterioration and accidents suffered by street walls.

As a multidisciplinary artist, DENAMBRIDE harnesses a rich variety of styles across a variety of formats, never hesitating to go from old wooden pieces to rusty sheet metal, or even concrete blocks, 

With one foot in the action sports scene and the other in the art world, DENAMBRIDE creates art inspired by the action sport lifestyle, music and public figures but also incorporates the people, environments and emotions that he encounters during his travels. These stories, often tinged with nostalgia and beauty, speak of humans’ relationships with their communities and cultures. All these subjects revolve around symbols of the passage of time, which erases or engraves our actions on our hearts and minds and raises questions about our true life purpose. From time to time his work is also punctuated with words, quotes and symbols that resonate with the artist. This is one way for DENAMBRIDE to blend and immortalize his story with those of others without losing the energy and emotion that characterize his paintings.

Constantly needing expand his horizons, DENAMBRIDE continues his global journey. He currently resides in Hong Kong, where he has been increasing his knowledge of Asia, fueling his creativity with the urban landscapes that the city offers. When he is not traveling, he spends days working in his studio in Hong Kong, sharpen his skills relentlessly by combining graffiti techniques with the delicate lines of paintbrushes and with stencil forms. 

Precise attention to detail and sensitivity to the photogenic nature of his portraits has earned the artist a growing recognition in the world of contemporary urban art.