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Urban Art on Concrete Canvas
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Urban art on Concrete Canvas




In a word where more than 50% of humanity lives in urban landscapes, concrete is a common denominator in the daily lives of individuals across nationalities, color and creed. An increasing numbers of street artists have turned the cold, hard concrete walls of urban space into virtual canvases for art.

DENAMBRIDE, Hong Kong based, French-American artist takes this concept one step further, creating art on light concrete slabs that mimic street and alley walls and turning them into actual canvases...



DENAMBRIDE's art reveals that there is more humanity than meets the eye in the concrete spaces we inhabit. His creations at once evoke the cracks, drips and stains of a slowly deteriorating urban landscape and the contrasting beauty and grace of the human form that inhabits it. DENAMBRIDE loves the concept of a city's walls as its skin. His passion for concrete itself fuels his creativity.